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Navman PiN 100 Portable GPS Pocket PC Navigation System

Navman PiN 100 Portable GPS Pocket PC Navigation System
I have wanted an in-car navigation system for a long time, but was put off by their high cost and non-portability. I was pretty excited to see this Navman unit – at last a totally portable driving navigation gps, that I could use hiking, driving or boating at a reasonable price.

The Navman PiN (Personal Interactive Navigation) is cable free and totally portable. As a Pocket PC, I am completely satisfied with the Navman PiN 100. The Navman unit is actually a rebadged Mitac Mio 168 (first Pocket PC to include a built-in GPS receiver), which has received very good reviews. The primary difference is that the Navman comes with SmartST mapping software. The unit runs on Windows Mobile 2003 OS and is packed with many key features including the leading Navman SmartST 3D Mapping Software, discreet GPS Antenna, 3.5″ Color Transflective LCD Display, MP3 Playback, User voice Recording (Mono), Touch Panel Screen, Memory Card Expansion Slot, Lithium Ion Battery and USB port.

You will need to buy a 256 or 512MB SD card to hold maps. The included 32MB card is basically worthless, I left it in the box and never used it. Many if not most states are over 30MB and that means you would not even be able to load them onto the card. I suggest getting one of those 256MB cards with wifi ability built-in, then you can kill two birds with one stone. Wifi is a neat thing to have.

The software can be a little difficult to find an address at times. I start with a zip code, then the street. If the street can’t be found, I use the City for the search instead of the zip code. It will auto-populate the street names with just a few letters. Keep in mind, if the street is misspelled in the software (has happened several times) you may only want to put in the first few letters to see if it comes up with a close address.

Another problem was when I tried loading some other software on for hiking. Turns out you have to power off/kn the unit or else the gps receiver would not be released by the navman software for use by the other program. Cycling the power made all memory go away, so I was forced to realign the screen and go through the annoying Windows tutorial every time.

Technical Details

  • Portable GPS Pocket PC navigation system with SmartST V2 3D View
  • Voice Navigation/Mapping and Route Guidance software
  • 3.5″ Color Transflective LCD display delivers a bright, crystal clear 3D street level view of each map
  • Operates with Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 operating system
  • If you leave your programmed route, PiN’s intelligent SmartST software will automatically recalculate the best path to take you to your destination

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One Response to “Navman PiN 100 Portable GPS Pocket PC Navigation System”
  1. Michael says:

    I Love the Navman PiN100. It takes me everywhere I want to go, all the time (and I travel alot by car across country). I have had my Navman PiN100 for a year now. I have read many reviews before making my selection. According to many reviews, SmartST is better than Tom Tom. I just upgraded to SmartST V3 and the new features are incredible. The only downsize if any, is that updates are not free. It’s $99 every year or so for the latest version of SmartST. In SmartSt V2 you cannot add stops, which you can with V3. Great improvement.

    I strongly recommand Navman PiN100 over any other GPS now available

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