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Navigon 2100 max 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

Navigon 2100 max 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
Ultra-slim and with a stunning 4.3-inch touchscreen display, the Navigon 2100 Max earns its name with a long list of advanced features. The Text-To-Speech works great and is very clear even at max volume. Lane assistant and Reality View will blow your mind. Lane Assistant alerts you to oncoming lane changes. DirectHelp helps you find emergency and roadside services—and helps them find you. Includes NAVIGON FreshMaps for up to 8 regular, trusted map updates over two years. Other accessories include ZAGAT Ratings and Reviews.

Key Features

  • Reality View: 3D images of highway interchanges with actual road sign text so you’ll never miss your exit again.
  • Lane Assistant: Icons alert you to the optimal lane to be in.
  • Widescreen: See the big picture with a stunning, easy-to-read, 4.3-inch widescreen format.
  • Spoken Directions with Text-to-Speech: keep your eyes on the road with spoken turn-by-turn directions and real street names. 
  • Points Of Interest: Reach gas stations, hotels, restaurants, transportation hubs, and more with millions of points of interest that will help you find your way.
  • Branded icons: places are so easy to find that everywhere will feel like home.
  • DirectHelp: At-a-glance information helps you find emergency and roadside services—and helps them

Technical Details

  • 4.3-Inch Touchscreen in an ultra-slim design
  • Speaks real street names via text-to-speech; route planning feature
  • DirectHelp Information that helps you find emergency roadside services
  • Lane assistant and Reality View features that simplify your drive
  • Includes FreshMaps (2 years of map updates)

User Review:

This Navigon 2100 GPS navigator is wonderful. We got on Christmas. We have enjoyed using it. It is very accurate most of the time when used for locating addresses. We have only encountered one minor glitch so far. It has been a lifesaver when we were in strange cities. It easily navigated us to the exact locations we were searching for. I like the speed monitor aspect. It sends us a caution signal when we exceed the speed limit by a set amount. This is a worthwhile investment. I feel like we have gotten the best navigator in this price range.

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