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Microsoft MapPoint 2006 with GPS

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Product Description

MapPoint 2006 combines powerful data mapping, information analysis, and communication tools with the simplicity of the Microsoft Office System and is available with a GPS locator for tracking your location in real-time. Make smarter business decisions and spend more time with customers using MapPoint 2006 to analyze data and integrate rich location information into Outlook.

Product Details

  • The new GPS task pane takes information about your current location as determined from your connected, compatible GPS device and displays your current location and the speed at which you are traveling.
  • New Driving Guidance takes your location from a connected GPS device and combines it with a route you have created to give you voice-prompted driving directions.
  • Use updated geographic and demographic data sets in MapPoint to display trends and illustrate key points on maps.
  • Create maps with your own data. Step-by-step instructions guide you through applying your sales information and demographic variables to a variety of map types.
  • Group common areas and overlay key information to these regions with maps that you create maps.

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