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Magellan Topo USA Topographical Map Update for Magellan Triton Handheld GPS (2009 Version)

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Product Description

Topo USA (powered by AccuTerra) provides map coverage of the United States with a detailed network of nationwide recreational roads and trails. Discover the great outdoors with confidence as you explore with one of the most complete collections of background maps, trailheads, water sources, and reference information currently available, including more than one million points-of interest (POIs) including campgrounds, national parks, trailheads, boat ramps, and much more. The product is available for either web download or plug n play" SD Card. The download allows you to access a smaller region for an affordable price. The SD Card provides the best value with full US coverage and easy to use by simply inserting the SD card in your compatible Magellan GPS device, activate and take your adventure to the next level. Topo USA is compatible with Magellan GPS Triton and eXplorist outdoor GPS units. Download AccuTerra maps and other data to easily find what you're looking for, wherever your trek may take you.

Product Details

  • Hi-res topo map coverage of 50 States, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • View a unique collection of road and trail data that shows one of the most complete networks of back roads and trails on a national scale
  • Show more than one million points of interest, including campgrounds, trailheads, water sources, ranger stations, boat ramps, and natural features
  • Locate national parks and forests, wilderness areas, state parks, historic sites, and more
  • Determine property boundaries for federal, state, and local lands to let you know when you travel into a new area

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