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Magellan MapSend WorldWide Basemap

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MapSend WorldWide Basemap software enables you to create a basemap for any region of the world and upload it to your mapping Magellan GPS receiver. Adding WorldWide basemaps to your Magellan GPS receiver creates a seamless overlay on the built-in map with greater detail for easy navigation on all your local and international travels.

Select a region on your PC and upload it to your GPS. New basemaps can be overwritten and stored on optional Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, or in the internal memory of your expandable Magellan GPS receiver. WorldWide Basemap is licensed for use with a single Magellan GPS.

Each basemap region you define contains the essential basic map features such as cities, highways, waterways, railroads, national boundaries and shorelines. WorldWide Basemap also includes basic topography contours, which can help you stay oriented and locate major points of interest. In addition to the visual map presentation, the map features can be located using the search function on your GPS or PC.

Easily toggle between the built-in basemap and your new WorldWide Basemap. Your Magellan GPS receiver will automatically transition to a detailed map when the zoom scale is 0.4 miles or less and the majority of the displayed is covered by the map for seamless GPS navigation.

  • WorldWide detail - Create a more detailed Basemap for any region of the world

  • Seamless overlay - Detailed maps are added to your built-in map to easily switch between them or see detail when you zoom in

  • Customizable regions - Select a region on your PC and download maps and points of interest to the available memory or SD card of your Magellan GPS

  • Create routes & waypoints - Build your own routes with an unlimited number of waypoints on your PC to plan any trip and download them to your GPS

  • Major points of interest - find airports, parks, historic

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