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Magellan MapSend BlueNav Local Chart (San Francisco)

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Product Description

The Magellan MapSend BlueNav Local Chart (San Francisco) offers the most complete detailed marine cartography for the San Francisco waterways available anywhere. Designed with both the serious navigator and the weekend boater in mind, Magellan MapSend Charts are based on Navionics Gold charts, making them the most advanced marine cartography on the market. With Magellan MapSend BlueNav Charts, beginning boaters will be able to navigate unfamiliar waterways with the confidence of a veteran navigator, and professional navigators will know they have the latest and most reliable information on the waterways that they need to deliver their passengers and their cargo safely.

Magellan MapSend BlueNav Charts are designed to be used in Magellan handheld GPS receivers and GPS chart plotters, including the Magellan Meridian Gold, Marine, Platinum and Color or Magellan FX324 MAP and FX324 MAP Color units. The charts can also be read on compatible personal computers with an SD Card reader. Each chart features large, highly detailed coverage areas and enhanced marine navigation information, including marine currents, tides, port services and detailed descriptions of marinas. Each chart also provides updated information on emergency services available, offering navigators the added security of knowing where to find help when it is needed.

Ease of Use
Using the Magellan MapSend BlueNav Local Charts couldn't be easier or more convenient. Each chart is delivered on a conveniently preprogrammed Secure Digital (SD) memory card that slides directly into select Magellan GPS receivers. There is no need to unlock the cards or store the information on them on a computer for uploading. Each card is delivered in a hard plastic casing, to protect the card and its valuable data against the elements.

Magellan also offers boaters the option of reading the charts directly off of personal computers. By acquiring a separate SD Card reader, the charts can be read directly through an IBM-compatible PC. (See Technical Specifications for System Requirements.)

Peace of Mind
With Magellan MapSend BlueNav Local Charts and a Magellan GPS Receiver, navigators have access to all the information they need at the tips of their fingers. Each chart includes information on currents and tides, as well as detailed descriptions of marinas, and with MapSend BlueNav Local Charts, the latest information for the nearest services or closest port with emergency facilities is a finger tip away, making navigation through unfamiliar waterways safer than ever. Magellan MapSend BlueNav Charts allow boaters to truly enjoy the water by providing them with the security, convenience and peace of mind that they need.

Chart Number and Coverage
M1G707L (San Francisco, including Sacramento Delta)

What's in the Box
Preloaded 32 MB or 64 MB SD memory card and plastic case.

Product Details

  • Covers San Francisco including Sacramento Delta
  • The most complete range of detailed marine cartography available
  • Charts on pre-loaded SD memory card for easy and convenient use
  • Highly detailed plans make your approach to unfamiliar ports safer and easier.
  • For use with your Magellan FX324 MAP, FX324 MAP Color and Meridian Gold, Marine, Platinum or Color GPS receiver

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