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Humminbird VHF55s Plus Portable Marine Radio

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Manufacturer: Humminbird
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Product Description

The ergonomically designed Hummingbird VHF55s Plus Hand-held Radio provides a complete mobile marine communications solution with the security of a rugged, submersible design that can withstand the harshest of environments. If you are traveling from boat to boat, or simply don't want to hassle with installation of a more expensive radio solution, then this unit is the perfect companion for any safety-conscious recreational mariner.

The VHF55s Plus is constructed with an ergonomic, non-slip rubberized grip, and is submersible to the JIS-7 standard for maximum durability. This unit is built with a large, high-visibility LCD display, and includes all USA, International, and Canadian Marine channels, as well as 10 weather channels with NOAA weather alerts. The VHF55s Plus is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery, and comes with a 12-volt DC cradle charger with AC and DC power adapters, as well as a back-up alkaline battery pack. This hand-held radio allows you to select between five- or one-watt transmit power levels, depending on whether you need to save battery power or achieve a greater range, and includes rotary squelch and volume for fast, accurate tuning.

The VHF55s Plus features a fast access channel 16/9 hot key, dual and tri-watch monitor for critical channels, and a backlight for both the display and keys for nighttime operation. This radio also features a signal-strength meter that indicates transmit and receive signal, and a battery-level indicator that shows you your remaining power. This compact unit even has allows normal scan to watch all channels, program scan to watch all memory channels, and a priority scan on 16 critical channels. As a convenience feature, the VHF55s also includes automatic power-saving circuitry to preserve your battery life, and a key-lock that prevents accidental setting changes. The VHF55s Plus comes with the manufacturer's three-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Include radio, NiMH battery, charger and product manual

Product Details

  • Rugged, submersible design withstands the harshest of environments
  • Large, high-visibility LCD display
  • Monitors all U.S., International and Canadian channels
  • Selectable 5 or 1 watt transmit power
  • 3-Year limited warranty

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