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Humminbird 798ci SI Combo with Internal GPS and Preloaded with Navionics Gold and HotMaps

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Manufacturer: Humminbird
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Product Description

The 700 series is packed to the gills with professional technology, it has everything you need to find the fish. The unmatched 640V X 640H pixel clarity of the 5-inch diagonal screen provides unbelievable color and contrast. You'll see crystal-clear images of everything under the water, making it easier to root out the big hogs. Programmable preset buttons make switching between your favorite views a snap. The built-in Unimap makes you at home on any body of water. Mount the 700 in-dash, or use our Tilt and Swivel Quick Disconnect Mounting System, and turn yourself into a fully armed fish seeking missile. The 798c SI NVB Combo includes internal GPS, preloaded Navionics Gold and HotMaps and Humminbirds Side-Imaging and DualBeam PLUS sonar in one transducer. Side Imaging Sonar, with it's amazingly clear, picture-like images of fish, the bottom and structure is available exclusively in select Humminbird fishfinders. It's the ultimate structure-finding tool, and with it's massive coverage (480 ft from side-to-side) you can scan in minutes what used to take hours.

Product Details

  • 640 vertical pixels
  • 256 color TFT screen
  • SideImaging and DualBeam PLUS sonar
  • 1,500 ft depth capability, DualBeam PLUS, 150 ft depth with Side-Imaging
  • Tilt and Swivel Quick Disconnect Mount

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