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Garmin MapSource WorldMap (CD-ROM)

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Product Description

Garmin's WorldMap MapSource CD-ROM provides worldwide coverage with base map-level detail, including political boundaries, cities, towns, major motorways and/or interstates, and principal highways; lakes, major streams, and rivers; and urban areas and railroads. WorldMap displays excellent coastline detail that includes many offshore islands, as well as worldwide nautical navigation aids such as day beacons, radio beacons, RACONs, fog signals, lights, and buoys. Also shown are U.S. interstate exit information, such as service stations, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campsites, hospitals, banks, and more. WorldMap includes management functions that allow you to transfer waypoints, routes, and tracks between your PC and nearly all Garmin GPS units (excluding the GPS100 family and panel mount aviation units) while viewing base map-level maps on your PC screen.

It is recommended for use with the GPS III Plus, NavTalk, GPS 12MAP, and GPSMAP 162/168. It is compatible with StreetPilot GPS, StreetPilot ColorMap, GPSMAP 295, and eMap, which require a blank 8 or 16 MB cartridge for loading map data.

Product Details

  • Worldwide coverage with base map-level detail (v4)
  • Includes political boundaries, cities, towns, and principal highways
  • Displays U.S. interstate exit information
  • Management functions allow you to transfer waypoints, routes, and tracks between your PC and nearly all Garmin GPS units
  • See Product Description for compatible Garmin products

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