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Garmin MapSource U.S. Topographical CD-ROM

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Product Description

MapSource 24K TOPO- National Parks series of CD-ROMs!
24K TOPO is designed to provide interactive viewing of detailed topographic maps. 24K TOPO is vector-based and provides outdoor enthusiasts with innovative object oriented-cartography. Descriptive details for features typically found on topographic maps can easily be viewed with a simple key press. Cursor movements over the map provide descriptions for topographic contours, trail names, summit elevations, points of interest information and much more. The user has the ability to pre-plan their daily adventures from the comfort of their own home, using MapSource on the PC. Then they can download waypoints, routes and tracks to their Garmin GPS, including units that don't accept map data! This new cartography will provide recreational backpackers, experienced and novice hikers alike, and general outdoor enthusiasts with terrific topographic detail needed for their individual journeys. The topographic data is comparable to the 1:24,000 scale paper maps provided by the United States Geological Survey, which is the most detailed topographic data available.

Product Details

  • Provides topographic maps of Eastern U. S. national parks and forests
  • Ideal for hunters, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Maps based on the 1:24,000 scale USGS maps
  • Provides trail names, routable trails, summit elevations and peaks, roads, and more
  • Includes park amenities such as visitor centers, camping and picnic areas, restaurants and lodges

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