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Manufacturer: Callaway Golf
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Product Description

The Callaway uPro Go is a cutting edge, full color GPS device, preloaded with over 18,000 courses across the U.S. and Canada. Providing vivid detail with proprietary imagery processes and the ability to make up to the minute measurements based on your actual location, the uPro Go delivers the technology to change your game with two operating modes: BasicMode for easy to access distance and hazard information and GoMode for highly detailed renderings of the green and the surrounding area. And, at nearly half the weight and size of other golf GPS devices, it easy carry around the course.

The Callaway uPro Go GPS is equipped with cutting edge, state-of-the-art electronics to achieve the best-in-class GPS performance possible. The uPro Go GPS locks in fast and stays locked onto more satellites, with higher signal strength, giving you better accuracy even under adverse conditions. Whether you're playing under tree lined fairways or putting the uPro Go in your pocket, the uPro Go will stay locked giving you the most accurate distances without any delay.

The uPro Go has been preloaded with over 18,000 courses across the U.S. and Canada. Every course available for the uPro Go has been professionally mapped by Callaway employees. Using proprietary mapping techniques and mapping thousands of points per hole, the uPro Go will give you the accuracy you've been looking for unlike the greens and hazards defined by a couple of points on the ecourse. The uPro Go provides amazingly detailed green renderings of every hole with an accurate view of the size, shape, and distance of the green--the detail you need to plan your game.

The uPro Go boasts a high-resolution, full color screen, designed to work in direct sunlight. The uPro Go's transflective screen actually uses the sun's light in bright sun and under cloud cover to illuminate the display, rather than washing out the images like typical screens would. Whether you are playing in the blazing sun or in deep cloud cover, the uPro Go will deliver the best possible image resolution for the day.

With features available at no additional subscription cost, BasicMode provides both Hazard View and Green View screens. Hazard view provides the distance to the front and the distance to carry each hazard. This easy to understand graphic screen shows both the type and lay of the hazard. In Hazard View, hazards are listed in order based on your location on the course. Green View provides distances to the front, center, and back of the green in clear easy-to-read numbers. You can also access the mark function in Green View, which allows you to measure the distances of any shot.

Available with a 1-time activation fee, GoMode provides a Virtual Green View and AnyPoint (TM) View screens. The Virtual Green View uses a proprietary imagery process to provide vivid, colored, and detailed renderings of the green and its surrounding area, along with precise distances to the front, center, and back of the green. In this mode distances are updated dynamically as you move about the hole. The AnyPoint View combines the best of GPS and laser, allowing you to measure to any spot on or around the green based on where you are standing on the course.


  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
  • Battery Life: 10 to 12 hours
  • Course Capacity: Over 18,000 preloaded
  • Screen: 240 x 320 hi-resolution color screen
  • Dimensions: 4.0 x 2.2 x 0.8 inches
  • Weight 3.4 ounces
  • Basic Mode: preloaded
  • Green renderings
  • No annual fees
  • One time GoMode course fee
  • One free course

Manufacturer Warranty
6-month limited warranty

Product Details

  • Delivers pin-point accuracy and high-resolution
  • Vivid color, high-resolution LCD screen with a transflective screen
  • Hazard view with the distance to the front and to carry each hazard listed in order

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