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ARKON SR052-S SatRadio 8.5-Inch Windshield Suction Mount (CM043ST + AP012 + AP020)

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Manufacturer: Arkon
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Product Description

The Arkon SR052 Windshield Pedestal XM/Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver Holder is approximately eight-inches long and is extremely strong. The suction on this pedestal has a suggested weight capacity of up to 20 pounds. This pedestal installs without tools and can be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

About Akron Satellite Radio Mounts
Arkon Sat-Mount solutions are car mounts and holders for XM and Sirius satellite radio receivers. The satellite radio mounts/holders provide users with sensible and convenient alternatives for placement of their satellite radio receiver in the car or vehicle. Arkon offers a wide variety of satellite radio mounts for XM and Sirius. All Arkon satellite radio XM mounts feature the T-slot adapter that connects directly into the back of the XM radio receivers. For those with Sirius satellite radio or other portable satellite radio receivers, a special adapter plate that converts the T-slot to the universal four-hole pattern is included with every mount and holder.

The Arkon mounts and holders are compatible with Delphi XM SkyFi and SkyFi2; Delphi XM Roady and Roady2; Delphi, Pioneer, and Tao MiFi XM2go; Sirius Sportster; Brix Streamer System SIR-STRPNP1; Jensen CK100SR; Orbiter SR4000; and Clarion Plug-and-Play Satellite Radio Mount Receivers.

Product Details

  • Eight-inch satellite radio receiver holder
  • Works with a variety of XM and Sirius receivers
  • Extremely strong holder is perfect for most vehicles
  • Simple suction cup installation requires no tools
  • Built with T-slot for XM receivers; includes a universal four-hole plate for other receivers

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