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Animals GPS TrackEasy1 GPS Tracker

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Manufacturer: Animals GPS, Co.
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Product Description

Beloved pets get out and get lost regardless of fences, doors and other boundaries. Having been through the anxiety of losing a pet, we know how emotionally draining it can be. Now there is something that will dramatically reduce the risk of losing your family's best friend. It is called TrackEasy1, and it uses the latest GPS and Wireless technology combined with an easy to use Web-Based Control Center. Unlike the implantable and collar based Chip technology which have been available for the past decade, and other GPS devices that rely on you to determine when your dog gets out. TrackEasy1 notifies you when your pet gets out and then provides you with continuous location monitoring until you find your pet. AnimalsGPS TrackEasy1 tracker is a dependable and accurate way to locate your dog and bring him home safely if he runs away or gets stolen. Our lightweight device comfortably attaches to your dog's collar allowing you to help locate him on-demand or via your own customized, active safety zones. Continuous tracking, real-time updates and 24/7 toll-free live customer service will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. An on-demand locate helps you to find your dog's current location wearing the AnimalsGPS TrackEasy1 tracker. Safety zone is a personalized virtual boundary around a location you choose. When your dog leaves or arrives to the safety zone, you are alerted via email and/or text message. When you activate TrackEasy1 continuous tracking feature, you can get automatic updates of your pet's location every 5 minutes for up to 1 hour. Your dog's location, with time and date, will be shown on a map on TrackEasy1's location history allows you to see where your dog has traveled for the past hour, day or week. Your location history will be available for your review on

Product Details

  • GPS SIRF-Star III -fast fixing the position even at weak signal status. Device offers many unique features: receive Phone call, SMS, or GPRS requests
  • State of The Art Web Tracking Platform, Secure Website. Various Notification Alert Settings to choose from. Instant Notification by: Phone call, SMS(text message), Email
  • Customer Service Live Support: 24/7/365
  • Package Includes: AnimalsGPS TrackEasy1 GPS Tracker, 1199mAh Li-Ion Battery, Manual, Recovery Package, Ac/Dc Charger, Auto/Vehicle Charger

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